Study Buddy Tutorial Subscription [ELM3] 2021

$ 80.00

Are there 12 cranial nerves? Well that sounds like 12 reasons why you should buy a study buddy subscription this year. Still not sold? Well this year we have made the programme even more appealing! Rather than 10 tutorials for $80, you’ll receive 18!!!

This includes 10 Revision sessions (Neuro, RCA1, RCA2, renal, endocrine, RDA, Metabolism, Verticals, OSPE & OSCE) as well as 8 Application sessions (Neuro, RCA1, RCA2, Renal, Endocrine, Metabolism, RDA, verticals).

These additional 8 application sessions are new for 2021, and will provide a more engaging learning environment for students who want to apply their knowledge of content to past exam questions and MCQs! These sessions will be 2 hours each and will help you to build your skills, so when it comes to tackling questions it doesn’t seem so scary!

Not sold yet? Well if you buy a subscription you will save a total of $70!! Plus you will gain preferential access to all the tutorials, ensuring you don’t miss out!!

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