Otago Christian Medical Fellowship

Medical school can be a challenging place to be.  Not only is there a heap of new information to absorb, but new ethical dilemmas, and the surrounding student life can be a lot to take in! It’s in this context that Otago CMF sees its purpose: to provide a community of friendship and fellowship that develops students as disciples of God, and equips them to learn and serve, to live and speak for Jesus, as Christian medical students.

Our regular meeting time is 1pm on Wednesdays somewhere in the Hunter Centre. We often have a speaker come along and chat to us about their experiences as a follower of Christ in medicine, with the aim to inspire, and build our faith through the sharing of their experiences. Speakers are often Christian doctors and lecturers within the medical school, but we also enjoy hearing from medical missionaries and those following Christ in other areas of health. There are also social events (usually centred around food) which provide a fun way to get to know each other better. Everyone is welcome and feel free to join the FB group to keep up to date with what’s happening throughout the year!

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