Study Buddy Tutorial Subscription [ELM2] 2021

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Have you finally hit that wall in your study? Don’t know how to study Psych Med? Terrified of starting MSK? Well OUMSA has you covered with the Study Buddy Tutorial Programme.

Study Buddies is a yearlong tutorial course to take you through the content of each block module, vertical modules and the OSPE and OSCE. This year we’ve added so much more!!! For just $80 you will receive 10 revision tutorials (PSYCH, MSK, CVS, RESP, GI, 2X Verticals, Mid Year OSPE, end of Year OSCE, & End of Year OSPE) plus an additional 7 Application sessions (PSYCH, MSK, CVS, GI, RESP, 2x Vertical)!!!

The revision tutorials are 3 hour tutorials which summarise the key content of the different modules and highlight high yield content, to help students with targeting their study to highly examinable areas. These additional 7 application sessions are designed provide a more engaging learning environment for students who want to apply their knowledge of content to past exam questions and MCQs! These sessions will be 2 hours each and will help you to build your skills, so when it comes to tackling questions it doesn’t seem so scary!

Not sold yet? Well if you buy a subscription you will save a total of $70!! Plus you will gain preferential access to all the tutorials, ensuring you don’t miss out!!

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