Medical Equipment 2023

Get all of your med school equipment needs from Medisave with an exclusive 10% off site wide! OUMSA does not directly sell medical equipment, instead, we work with Medisave to produce the best possible deals for you. Please follow this link to the Medisave website ( and then simply enter the code “otago10” at checkout. All stethoscope orders will also be provided with a free 3-in-1 pentorch. This offer is not valid with the half price stethoscope case promotion with any Littmann stethoscope purchase.

You will need to purchase a stethoscope for the Cardiovascular unit of ELM2, so why not get one a little cheaper! With any Littmann Stethoscope purchased, you can also get free engraving. When purchasing your medical equipment, enter your address at checkout and it will be delivered directly to you.

You are able to purchase whatever you like from the site, for stethoscopes, the Litmann Classic III would be a great buy! You might also be introduced in purchasing things like:
– Family practice kit blood pressure sphyg and cuffs
– Tendon hammer
– Pupil gauge torch

*Please note that some items may be out of stock due to decreased supply from COVID delays, however anything can be ordered on backorder and will be shipped at a later date once stock has been replenished.

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