2024 Case Studies in Medicine Level 2 ELM3 Textbook

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This exciting new comprehensive textbook covers a broad range of topics useful for medical students!

Each of the main chapters listed below is divided into an introduction ‘Key Concepts’ section and a substantial list of medical cases. Each case outlines the necessary pathophysiologypathology and pharmacology needed to provide a base for your learning. The information presented is easy to read with extra space for your own notes, diagrams and pictures to be added. This guide is written by students for students so you know what you receive will be accurate and relevant.

Included in level two:

– Neurology
– Endocrine
– Metabolism
– Renal
– Reproduction, Development and Aging
– Many others including Ethics, Cancer and Pharmacology

Please have a read through the sample pages provided to give an idea of just how useful this text will be for your exam revision! Our level one textbook was well received by students and level two is better than ever. The 2nd edition book is over 150 pages tailored to assist your studies.

We are in no way affiliated with the University of Otago Medical Faculty and are not intended to replace content covered in the medical course.

This year we have priced the book at $35 for OUMSA Members! Dunedin based students will be able to pick up your purchases from 1-2pm on Tuesdays or Thursdays (during Term Time) from the OUMSA office. 


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