2024 Beer Pong Tickets

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Tickets for the much anticipated annual med beer pong tournament are now available. Grab a partner and sign up for this classic Dunedin sport! NOTE: ONLY ONE OF YOUR PAIRING NEEDS TO BUY A BEER PONG TICKET (then just put your partner’s name in the additional information section when buying the ticket).

Tickets will cost $8 for each pair, however if both individuals of your pairing are OUMSA members, the cost is $4 for the team (if only one of you is an OUMSA Member, we ask that the ticket be bought by the non-OUMSA Member. Please note, this will be checked). Ticket cost is to cover equipment and get y’all some food before a big night at flat crawl

The tournament will be at the first flat crawl house (TBC), with first games starting at 5:00pm so please be there a bit before them. We are aiming to finish up around 7:20pm before flat crawl kicks off. Those that sign up will be added to a Facebook group for the event which will have more details eg. rules, draw etc. Happy ponging :))

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