2023 Social Sport Semester 2 – 2 Sports

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Social Sport

Kia ora everyone, social sport is back for semester 2! Sports available are the same as in Sem 1:

Basketball – Mon
Netball – Tues/Wed
Volleyball – Wed
Futsal – Fri

Note: There is no longer Monday netball or Wednesday basketball this semester

All sports will run for 10 weeks | Minimum. of 8 people per team – We can facilitate extra team members to fill spare spots in teams

Fill out the additional information part at checkout with what sport you’d like to play
– If you are playing in the same team as first semester, put the name of that team in the info section.
– If you would like to join an existing team, put the team’s name or the name of one friend in that team.
– If you do not have a team but would like to join one, choose a sport and I will assign you to a team!
– You are also welcome to make a new team in which case you can create your own team name and put that in the information section alongside the sport so I can group you all into the same team.

Semester two tickets will cost $25 for one sport, and $32 for two sports (OUMSA members and non-members). These will be separate tickets on the website. If you want to play more than two sports, message me and we’ll arrange something. Sorry we had to increase cost and cap sports, but we are playing for 10 weeks this sem (yay) and we had a few people last sem who didn’t pay so please get all team members to pay this time around 😊.

– Games run weekly starting the week of Monday 17th July and will run for 10 weeks
– Minimum 8 people per team
– Game times vary between 6 – 10pm (Last game starts 9.30)
– Teams are mixed
– Please make sure your teams have a minimum 2 females.
– Sign up will close Sunday 25th June 7:00pm

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions – sports@oumsa.org

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