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OUMSA have partnered with the University Bookshop to bring you an amazing deal on brand-new textbooks for 2020! As those who will be interested in this textbook bundle will likely to be ELM-2 students, you will have the option to pick up your ordered textbooks from the University bookshop at a much earlier date (likely to be the beginning of semester when you need them) rather than waiting for the pop-up shop (which is also an option if you wish).

This textbook bundle will include the latest version of the following textbooks:
1. Gray’s Anatomy – Although there are many textbooks available such as Netter’s etc, I must say Gray’s is the gold standard textbook if you would like more in-depth descriptions linked to clinical scenarios. It would be useful in all but 1 module (exp. Psychologic medicine module) in ELM2. Check out this link for more info.
2. Clinical Examinations (Talley & O’Connor) – As a part of the curriculum, we will be required to learn essential clinical examination skills which essentially is important to pass the OSCE (Objective structured clinical examination) (Note: which accounts for 50% of the grade 😅). This is the main textbook that the clinical skills curriculum is based from. Check out this link for more info.
3. Being a doctors – “Being a Doctor moves beyond biomedicine, providing useful insights that explain how both doctors and patients think and behave” – links with several vertical modules in the curriculum. Check out this link for more info.

Normally, being all 3 textbooks will cost $371.50 BUT LOOK NO FURTHER OUMSA MEMBERS DISCOUNT IS HERE – $327.50! That’s $44 saved to attend other events 😉.

Flick me (Andrew) an Email if you have questions: webmaster@oumsa.org

As mentioned before, Dunedin based students will be able to pick up your purchases from our summer pop-up shop on late February but you can also pick them up from the University Bookshop. The date may still be subject to change and the location and time will also be confirmed at a later date. 

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