Med Revue 2021: The Clinical King (FRI 30TH JULY)

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This listing is for Med Revue: The Clinical King on Friday the 30th of July.

‘The Clinical King’ follows a young medical student called Simba finding his feet in the hospital. Will he be a roaringly respected Doctor like Mufasa? Or a cold clinician like Scar? When Scar unleashes a plot to take over the medical school, Simba is caught in the stampede and blames himself. Who will help get Simba back on track? How will Simba stop this tyranny and restore balance to the circle of life?

Watch us groove out to your childhood favourites while also laughing at our ‘humerus’ skits. 🦴😉 Hear the incredible singing of the ‘Spermatic Chords’ and ‘Ultrasounds’. Catch the pulsing beat of our band ‘The Keytones’. The cast and crew of 2nd and 3rd year medical students have created a show with something for everyone to enjoy, with no medical knowledge required, so bring the whole flat along!

All proceeds will go to Chatbus, a Dunedin based charity which provides counselling for children. This gives kids a space to talk about hardships or difficulties they are experiencing. Whether that is friendship difficulties, bullying, family bereavement or abuse and neglect. This is an invaluable service to our community and we are proud to support this charity once again.

So come one come all to ‘The Clinical King’ on 29th (Thu), 30th (Fri) and 31st (Sat) July. Venue: Teacher’s College Auditorium, 143 Union St E, Dunedin. Doors open at 6.30pm for a 7:00pm start.

NB: Pease buy your tickets for the correct day. If you purchase a ticket for the wrong day, you will not get a refund and will have to sell it to someone else.

Adult themes
Epilepsy warnings

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