Med O-Week 2018 – Leaders and Helpers Ticket (ELM3 Only)

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Warning: Leaders and Helpers (ELM3) Only! If you are ELM2, please click here

You studied all day, You studied all night.
You got into med to your surprise and delight.
Now reap your rewards, by going to Med O-Week too.
You’re on an adventure with your ELM2 crew.

Oh the Places you’ll go, the memories you’ll make.
The friendships and laughter and Banter that await.
Did you ever wonder? What you wanted to be? When you’re bigger and smellier and a little bit older?
A policeman? A teacher? A lawyer or explorer? A scientist? A Fireman? or even a Reporter?
Now go run along and join your career crew, There’s one of 18 that’s just meant for you.

Med O-Week 2018, will be a laugh and a hoot.
But here’s a sneak peek of what OUMSA is offering to you:
There’ll be running and chasing and points to collect and beaches and sports days with sunburns you’ll regret.
Start and end your week with a bang. With a Stein and Med ball, hanging out with your gang.
But make no mistake, there are challenges that wait. Along with dancing and food so don’t be too late!
Go buy your ticket today! You’re off to great places, so get on your way!

Your Med O-Week package will entitle you to 3 days and nights of fun-filled activities:

  • You will compete in teams in an amazing race & a sports day (not your usual sports day). Here, you will work together with your newly established cohort with the chance to be crowned O-week champions.
  • Enjoy the Dunners summer while you can with a fantastic trip to the beach, packed with fun activities.
  • The Med-Stein on the first night and the Med Ori Ball on the last night.
  • The opportunity to bond with your new year group and the year above. You’ll make friends, build connections, but most of all you’ll have a whole lot of fun.

Med O-Week takes place on Wednesday 14th – Friday 16th February.

There are no physical tickets or E-Tickets for this event!

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