ELM2 Study Buddy Tutorial #4 [Cardiovascular]

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Hello ELM2 it’s time to get back into it again. After a wee two week holiday you may be wondering just what exactly did you cover at the end of last semester in CVS and what is actually relevant? If that sounds like a bit of you be sure to come along to the cardiovascular study buddy tutorial this SUNDAY (12/7) at 12pm in Hunter Annex/atrium (HG33).

EVERYONE must PURCHASE a ticket as the QR code will be required to gain entry to the tute. It should come up as free though for those who hold a study buddy subscription. Be sure to bring the ticket, an eager mind and some water for those who may or may not have recovered just yet from a cheeky wine & cheese the night before 😉

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to send Rosie Carr-Smith a message on FB or email 3rdyear@oumsa.org cheers!

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