ELM2 Psych Med Study Buddy 2022

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Unsure what the DSM is for depression? Confused about the stages of change? Well, the Psych Med Study Buddy has you covered.

The tutorial will be run this Saturday April 9th and will be divided into a revision session and application session. The revision session will run from 9:00am to 12:00pm, and will cover the key concepts of the Psych Med Block module. The application session will run from 1:00pm to 3:00pm, and will go over exam questions related to the content discussed within the revision session. The sessions will be run by Sam Zaia. Sam is an ELM3 super-grad with a background in a Clinical Psychology and as a university psychology tutor, so he is highly qualified to teach within this area.

In order to attend the tutorials you will have to purchase a ticket ($0 for study buddy subscription holders* and $15 for non-subscription holders). Students who purchase a ticket will gain entry to both the revision and application sessions. *It is not too late to purchase a study buddy subscription! (check it out in the OUMSA shop- it saves you $70!)

The sessions will be held over ZOOM (as lectures theatres cannot be booked in Red Alert Level). Please ensure the name on your ticket is the same as your ZOOM username (OUMSA will be removing students from the ZOOM who have not purchased tickets.

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