2019 Med Wine and Cheese (Wednesday Release)

$ 60.00

Wine & Cheese is here BABYYY. Saturday 4th of May, 7.30PM @ The Savoy, doors close at 8. Bring your ticket to the door so you can scan in! There will be a band to kick things off then a DJ later on in the night and cheese, lots and lots of cheese. No stress if you’re vegan though cos we’ll also have some yummy wee snacks for all you grass feeders out there doing your bit for the environment (we see u).

OUMSA tickets: $45

Non-OUMSA tickets: $60

First round tickets (OUMSA only): 1.30PM Wednesday 17th April

Second round tickets (OUMSA only): 1.30PM Thursday 18th April

Third round tickets (OUMSA & Non-OUMSA): 7pm Thursday 18th AprilLocation: The Savoy, Moray Place

NB: OUMSA will not be providing ticket refunds under any circumstances. Feel free to sell your ticket on the FaceBook page given that the price either remains the same or less. 

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First and second round OUMSA Med Wine and Cheese tickets are only available to OUMSA members. Public ticket release will be on Friday.
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