Study Buddy Program

OUMSA is currently gathering interest for peer tutoring roles. We potentially have a new academic support program starting next term and we need tutors for students in 2nd and 3rd year. Students will be tutored in a 3 to 1 format and we require tutors from 2nd, 3rd and 4th year. However all students are welcome to apply.

The overall aim of this program is to assist in catching those students that are falling behind early, and to provide support to help them bring their learning up to the level required for the end of year examinations.

There will be a diverse range of people involved in the program, from those who had time off for health or family reasons to those who just need a bit more structure to their self-directed study time to others who are finding the material challenging.

If you would like to find out more information about the program please contact Holly Cadzow or Tash Austin

Tutors will be required to:

  • Have a high standard of academic achievement
  • Have an approachable and friendly manner
  • Be able to simplify content and explain it to their peers in an engaging way
  • Prepare for and provide tutorials for 1 hour a week (or as required) until the end of the academic year
  • Work with their study group to establish which areas need to be focused
  • Be willing to contribute to an online tutors forum for sharing of information and ideas
  • Help their study groups with time management tips and provide general academic mentoring
  • Meet periodically with the OUMSA Study Buddy Committee (OSBC)
  • Fill in occasional online feedback forms about the program

What tutors will receive

  • $30 remuneration per session of tutoring
  • Sessions should go for 1 hour and the remuneration includes preparation time and photocopying expenses for the session.
  • A letter of recommendation from OUMSA recognising their work with the program
  • Ongoing support from the OSBC
  • Online support from fellow tutors
  • Access to meetings with course convenors to cover any ‘sticky points’ in the course content

If you are interested and wish to apply to become a tutor – please fill out the online form and send a copy of your CV and a cover letter to    Your cover letter should include your motivation for applying and a bit about your teaching history.

Please include in your CV your grades from the previous academic year, and any previous degrees or relevant jobs (eg physio). For those that were in the medicine course last year please include the breakdown of your grades for the different modules (please note this information will be kept strictly confidential and records will not be kept past the recruitment process)


  • Understood the program and want to be involved
  • Completed the online form
  • Emailed a cover letter outlining motivation
  • Emailed CV with grade breakdown from previous year