How to submit an expense reimbursement request

Uploading your receipts online allows OUMSA to reimburse you faster – and no lost receipts!

Log onto the OUMSA website using your University ID then go to the “Members Area” dropdown menu.  Choose “Expense Claims”


Viewing existing requests 

You can see existing expense claim requests and their status from the main expense claim screen.

Create a new request

Click the “+ Add New Expense Reimbursement” button to add a new request.   The first time you submit a request you will need to enter your bank account details.   You can include multiple receipts in the same request but you need to add a seperate line item for each receipt or supplier.

To remove a line item or receipt click on the red X.

Once you have finished adding line items and receipts click “Submit Reimbursement Request”


Getting Paid

The OUMSA Treasurer will approve your request and arrange to direct credit the total amount to the account number supplied.   For any enquiries relating to payments you should contact