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Statistically speaking, medical students as a group have a higher risk of adverse mental health outcomes. We are a bunch of achievers and typically do what we can to succeed at all costs! As fantastic as this hard work can turn out to be, sometimes we need a bit of an outlet and a bit of a hand or just a chat with someone who’s been there!

Peer mentoring aims to offer a judgement free, fun and light way of getting things off your chest if you need to and sharing things that might be stressing you out a bit, or making you feel not quite you! Our mentors are 3rd year med students, and so have all been in your shoes!

Med, flatting, and heaps of other things around this time can become a bit overwhelming – we want to help manage that!

You’ll meet with your mentor about once a month – there’s not set time that you have to spend together, but it can be good to have someone you know you can talk to and explore issues with, without going straight to the ‘big bosses’.

Confidentiality is a crucial part of practicing medicine and it’s extremely important to us too! Don’t ever think that what you’re sharing is going to be spread around your class! Or your mentor’s for that matter!
Peer mentoring is great to get involved in whether you need to explore any problems or not, it’s great to meet people from other year groups, and within your own.

If you’re keen to get involved as a mentor and help out your peers, email

If you’re interested in being part of our mentoring programme and would like us to set you up with a likeminded person who you can bounce ideas off, get some support and advice or just be a listening ear – please click here to fill out the online form.

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