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President – David Wang (Between 3rd and 4th Year – BMedSc Hons)

Hi everyone, I’m David your OUMSA President for 2017. My role is to work with the executive team to make your time in medical school as enjoyable as possible. I’m an avid guitar player, gym goer and enjoy craft beers – pick any one and we can have a yarn anytime! The key goals I will be focusing on for you is student advocacy, opportunities for personal development and  student wellbeing. You are very lucky to have such a talented exec working for you, give them a pat on the back and big thumbs up if you see them around. Look forward to seeing you all at Med O’ week!

Vice President – Tevita Vaipuna (Between 3rd and 4th Year – BMedSc Hons)

Stolen from Tonga and raised in the ‘Naki, I entered Medicine via the Health Science pathway. I’m really looking forward to getting to know more amazing people in Medicine, as well as making sure that we set you all up with a smooth and enjoyable year! Feel free to come chat with me about whatever!

Treasurer – Zung Mai (3rd Year)

Hi everyone, welcome to OUMSA. My name is Zung and I am your treasurer for 2017. I will be the person in charge of OUMSA’s money, paying taxes and making up budgets for various events and committees within OUMSA so I get to be involved in a lot of things. Most of what I do is behind the scene so you won’t hear much from me like you do the rest of the OUMSA team, unless you get really slack at paying for stuff, then you will be bombarded with emails from me. Most of my time will be devoted to Med and OUMSA but other than that you will find me either sleeping in Colquhoun or devouring a bucket at KFC

Secretary – Agnes Chu (3rd Year)

Hello everyone! My name is Agnes and I am your secretary this year. I will be touching base with you throughout the year, but you will see a lot of me during OUMSA election time (which I encourage you all to be a part of!!) at both ends of the year. I will be helping out here and there, so if you need anything, just let me know and I’ll try my best to sort you out. ELM2 was good to me, and together with the OUMSA team, I would like to make 2017 an ever better one for you all! I’m always up for a chat over a nice cup of coffee, down for a chill with friends and a good movie, as well as making some art while being a total foodie. Can’t wait to meet you all! All the best for the coming year :)

Education Officer – Chris Wang (3rd Year)

Hey there Doctor-to-be! I’m Chris Wang and I’m going to be your Education Officer for 2017. Basically, I’ll be looking out for what changes should be made or additions to better aid your learning and be the interface between student and faculty to be able to implement. If you would like to address your comments about the education you’re receiving or what you would like to see changed, let me know!

I believe that education is universal; you’ll learn skills that are timeless and that integration and inspiration can come of anywhere! As for me personally, I enjoy an array of things from badminton, to board games, to video editing, and making video games so I’m sure we’ll have plenty to talk about!

Wishing you all the very best and have the best year there ever was!

Welfare Officer – Mary Cane Demecillo (3rd Year)

Hey guys! I’m Mary Cane, your Welfare Officer for 2017. Along with the rest of the OUMSA executive team, I will be promoting the health and wellbeing of medical students. No doubt, there will be times when medical school won’t be the best or easiest; We are here to support you as much as we can so that your journey will be less difficult and more enjoyable. So please get in contact if you find yourself struggling. Also, watch out for information sessions, extra tutorials, non-alcoholic social events and stress-free lunch times (ie. Kittens!) A little bit about me: I was born in Cebu, Philippines; I moved to NZ in 2008; I love plant-based foods and being active; I also enjoy a wee bit of photography and filming! Don’t be afraid to say hi and have a chat when you see me around okay! Take care you guys!

Communications Officer – Eden Hawkins (3rd Year)

Kia ora everybody! My name is Eden and I am your Communications Officer for 2017 – i.e. the one incessantly posting all over your Facebook pages – and keeping you up to date with a lively social media presence. I am the person that you ask when you don’t know who to ask – and I can point you in the right direction. I have loved my time in the med school thus far and communicating everything as clearly and concisely as possible with a positive spin is my aim this year. I’m always keen for a feed (especially if it involves some veggies), an outdoors adventure, a jam, a gym sesh, or a good game of volley. Looking forward to meeting a lot of you and best wishes for the exciting year ahead!

Webstore Administrator – Anne Chiang (3rd Year)

Hi everyone, my name is Anne and I am your WebMaster for 2017. Originally from Christchurch, I worked as a Physiotherapist and snuck my way into medicine through the “SuperGrad” pathway. I am the one who looks after the OUMSA Online Store and coordinates the podcasting of lectures. I have really enjoyed my time in medical school so far and am excited to be part of the OUMSA team this year. My goal is to ensure that you guys have a smooth shopping experience through the OUMSA website and have access to podcasts, for when making it out of bed is a little rough. I enjoy my reading, music, movies and the gym. Come say hi and have a chat! I look forward to meeting you all!


Community Outreach Officer – Emilie Butterfield (3rd Year)

Hello! My name is Emilie, and I’ll be your Community-Outreach Officer for 2017. I’m really excited to meet you all, and I can’t wait for the year to begin! This year I hope to help us meddies take full advantage of all the activities and opportunities that surround us. There is so much happening at the med-school, with our multitude of groups and events – there is something for everyone who is keen to get involved! I love a good chat over coffee, chilling out with T-swizzle, and a late night movie with friends (and food) pretty much sums up my Friday night adventures. I hope you’re excited! Congrats for getting into Med, and I’ll see you soon!

Social Officer – Bridget Moral (3rd Year)

Hey everyone! I’m Bridget and I’m your social officer for 2017. I’ll be here to organize some awesome med events for when the study gets tough and we all need a break. From Wine and Cheese, to Steins and Flat Crawl to name just a few; your social life will be far from dull if I have anything to do with it. I’m a ‘Naki girl born and bred, with a love of adventure and a knack for organizing events. Feel free to come talk to me about getting involved or give me request for what you want from the social events in 017 and I will try to make them a reality and make sure there’s an event that suits everyone. Let’s make it an amazing 2017  team!

  Sports Officer – Tim Colson (3rd Year)

Tena Koutou. 2017 is going to be an absolute ripper of a year and I’m here to make sure you make the most of it. One sure fire way to enjoy your Medical School experience is to get stuck into the many recreational activities on offer. That’s where I come in. I’m here as your 2017 Sports Officer to show you what you can do outside of the med lib. Me, I’m a proud member of the Teratoma’s Rugby team (till I die) but I do enjoy a good game of beer pong in my spare time – it definitely counts as a sport. Feel free to come and have a chat with me anytime if you have any questions or suggestions during the year. Hope you enjoy your 2017 and welcome to the Otago Medical School!

Sponsorship Officer – Shanella Nallaiah (3rd Year)

Hey team, I’m Shanella and I’m your Sponsorship officer for 2017! My role involves trying to suss us some mean deals and new sponsors as well as designing the super suave med clothing range. Speaking of – don’t forget to order your snazzy new med threads from our OUMSA online store throughout Dec/Jan! Med school has been a dream so far – with lots of new friends, fun events and of course the epic course itself hehe. I’m sure you guys will love it too – feel free to come yarn to me if you need anything. I’m a pretty upbeat person and am always up for an adventure. Looking forward to meeting you guys soon :)


2nd Year Rep – Kristen Stewart (2nd Year)

3rd Year Rep – Ellie Baxter (3rd Year)

Hi guys, just your ELM 3 rep Ellie here! Quick introduction – I’m one of the few students who are actually from dunners and I’m spending my summer here discovering my love for beer working at Emerson’s taproom. For those in 2nd year you won’t see much of me, but my fellow 3rd years prepare for my facebook spam and notices between lectures. Hit me up with any queries, problems or suggestions, I’m always up for a chat. I can’t wait to get back into it, looking forward to all the steins and med banter, not to mention neuro and renal! Bring on 2017!!

4th Year Rep – Sylvia Duncan (4th Year)


5th Year Rep – Jed Leishman (5th Year)

NZMSA Dunedin General Rep – James Strickland (5th Year)

Kia Ora, I’m James-NZMSA’s Dunedin general representative. NZMSA is an organisation of medical students from throughout New Zealand with the goals of representing, uniting and empowering medical students throughout their studies. My role is multifaceted: to communicate information from OUMSA to NZMSA and vice versa, to coordinate NZMSA events for our Dunedinites and to pick up any local or widespread issues that medical students are facing which will benefit from advocacy at a national level.

Look out for NZMSA events coming to you, or in the case of the NZMSA ‘Ignite’ conference- you going to the event. 2017’s NZMSA conference is in Tauranga- a 3 day experience catered for medical students from throughout NZ. Also in the pipeline are focus months on career planning and election 2017.

As for myself I enjoy listening to Yeezy and the concept of passing 5th Year exams.

  ALM Welfare Rep – Jon Anderson (5th Year)

Heya everyone.  I’m ALM Welfare.  The ALM exec is fairly new, but my role is centred on trying to maintain a good atmosphere for our ALM peeps and to promote wellbeing in general.  Generally, I’m a pretty easy-going fella, who enjoys gatherings with friends, spending time with my wife, watching Japanese animated films and creating thing with my hands for friends, etc.  My goals for this year are to really get stuck in to the exec, share the ideas that I’ve been holding on to for a while and, specifically to my role, promote smaller, non-alcoholic gatherings and a more open and honest attitude to mental illness/distress.  Cheers!

ALM Social Rep – Barry  Schmidt (Trainee Intern)

Hello everyone! My name is Barry Schmidt and I’m the ALM social representative for 2017. As the ALM Social Rep I’m responsible for many jovial occasions throughout the ALM calendar including orientation, steins and regular class dinners. I plan to include all people in the ALM cohort by regularly providing a diverse range of tantalizing events that make the busy ALM years an amazing experience.  Outside this role I’m an avid cricket and football player and enjoy mentoring, teaching and being a genuine nuisance/prankster to most of my friends. The OUMSA exec will benefit from my ceaselessly positive attitude and my passion for event organization.


ALM Education Rep – Darren Ritchie (4th Year)

My name is Jed and I am entering my 4th year of med. I was born in Dunedin and I am starting to get worried that I may never leave! I got into Med from HSFY thanks to my parents leaving me a home cooked meal every night after some hard yakka study.
As the Education Officer for ALM I hope to be open and available to anybody who has ideas or concerns and help in any way that I can!

  ECCO Convenor – James Manning (3rd Year)

My name is James and I am the convener for ECCO 2017 (ELM Clinical Conference Otago). ECCO is the annual conference for ELM students and this year’s theme is “The Future of Medicine: Technology, Careers and Policy”. The conference will feature speakers from various areas of medicine and will include doctors, technology leaders and politicians as well as hands-on workshops and a gala dinner. Should you have any ideas, concerns or expectations ;) regarding the conference or med in general, feel free to hit me up anytime. I am from Auckland and am in ELM3 this year having got in via the HSFY pathway. A few of my hobbies include playing trumpet, attempting to learn guitar, skiing and motorbiking when I can find the time. I’ll also be organising the med-revue band so anyone who thinks that they may have some/any musical talent please hit me up!

OUMSA Elections 2015

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Meet Olivia – Social Officer

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Meet K Fong – Welfare Officer 2015

Who is K-Fong? Tēnā koutou katoa. I’m known as K-Fong, but my birth certificate reads ‘Kevin Mark Fong’. I was born and raised in West Auckland. I have a degree in Biomedical Sciences (but no knowledge to show for it). This year I have the privilege of being your Welfare Officer on the OUMSA council. My […]

Meet David – Sponsorship Officer 2015

David Burton is our Sponsorship Officer for 2015.   He has been dealing with suppliers and local businesses and organising us some amazing and exclusive deals for OUMSA members!   We hit him up with some questions about what he does and how he is the king of negotiating great deals for OUMSA members.   […]

Meet Tash – President 2015

Who is Tash Austin? Kia Ora! Originally from Invercargill, I made my way into Med via the ‘other’ category with an undergrad in Genetics and Pharmacology and a Masters in Genetics (whew!). After all that study I fled the country to go on my big OE. It began with teaching English in Japan and ended […]

Meet Dan – Communications Officer

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Meet Jess – Vice President and 2nd Year Rep

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Communications Wrap-Up

Well, September 17th has come and gone and with it, the executive team has handed over to the 2015 exec. With it the projects of the year are handed over – such as Knitting for NICU, the common room project, and the website. When the communications team was established in February we inherited a few […]

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