Integrative Medicine Otago

The Integrative Medicine group is organised by medical students studying at the Otago Medical School. We are interested in nutritional, environmental and spiritual aspects of medicine and promoting health by using holistic therapeutic approaches with an evidence base. We aim to support and promote student, doctor and patient wellness by increasing medical student awareness and exposure to a range of therapeutic tools and healthcare that focuses on wellness. We do this by connecting leading practitioners and researchers from the Integrative Medicine field with medical students through the seminars, talks and workshops.

This year we were involved in ECCO ‘Wellbeing for Doctors and Patients’ conference with running mindfulness and nutrition workshops and have had ongoing free mindfulness sessions; as well as nutritional lunchtime workshops.

We worked alongside the College of GP’s to get the national and international leader in the promotion of compassion in healthcare – Dr Robin Youngson to Dunedin to do a seminar on his work and research.

Regularly we run lunchtime talks by experts in the field for students. The topics we presented have included; holistic treatments for treating chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, cardiovascular disease and diabetes; maximising resilience and energy levels through nutrition; the benefits of mindfulness meditation; research into medicinal cannabis; and the importance of incorporating Tikanga Maori and spirituality in the healthcare setting.

We have also been working with the Australasian College of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) that provides postgraduate training for medical doctor in nutrition to get more access to wellbeing focused content for students such as passes to their conferences. This year we had 17 Otago medical students attend the Wellington training conference– the largest number or medical students to ever attend one of their conferences. As well as getting access to students to attend talks that come to Dunedin such as Ben warrens talk this year ‘Tired stressed and all the rest’.

To keep up to date with our events or if you have any questions, queries or suggestion of what you’d like to hear more about please do not hesitate to contact the group at

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