Congratulations to our new executive team for the next annual term! And of course a massive thank you to the team handing over, they’ve done an incredible job to make your medical education something to enjoy, not just endure!
Our new team:
President – David Wang
Vice President – Tevita Vaipuna
Secretary – Agnes Chu
Treasurer – Zung Mai
Sports Officer – Tim Colson
Social Officer – Bridget Moral
Welfare Officer – Mary Demecillo
Education Officer – Chris Wang
Communications Officer – Eden Hawkins
Sponsorship Officer – Shanella Nallaiah
Community Outreach Officer – Emilie Butterfield
Webmaster – Anne Chiang
ECCO – James Manning
3rd Year Rep – Ellie Baxter
4th Year Rep – Sylvia Duncan
5th Year Rep – Jed Leishman
6th Year Rep – Timothy Leaper
ALM Education – Darren Ritchie
ALM Social – Barry Schmidt
ALM Welfare – Jon Anderson
NZMSA General Rep – James Strickland


The new and the old