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Welcome to the Medical Runners group, for all those that enjoy running, want to run or in some way want to become active and make friends along the way. We’d like to explore Dunedin, get out of the student city and get some fresh air. There are some fantastic tracks around the Dunedin. Also, there are many upcoming races that people may want to participate in and running in a group is a great way to do it! We’d like to encourage people of all abilities to come, this is about getting out there and becoming active. Our aim is to run the Dunedin Cadbury Half-Marathon and fundraise alongside for a good cause!

In 2015, MSGA and Med Social runners did a “Do it in a Dress” Fundraiser by running the Dunedin Cadbury Half-Marathon. We fundraised by having an online campaign, bake sale and “Wax the Boys” event. We raised more than $8000!

Check out this article for some information on our fundraiser run last year
Contact: Roshit Bothara at or Antz Lau.


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