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Executive 2018

Meet Jess – Vice President and 2nd Year Rep




Kia ora whānau – welcome to Med, we know you’ll have a great time! Over the upcoming weeks the OUMSA Exec will be telling you a bit about ourselves, so you can get to know us and find out what we do!

First up is Jess Lynch, our Vice President and 2nd Year Rep.   Jess comes from sunny Napier, in the Hawkes Bay and entered med school through First Year Health Science.

This years’ orientation theme is Game of Bones. Can you tell us more about what we can expect?

Lots of fun! We’ll start with some basic meet and greets but we have parties planned, some chill time and a bit of competition that you’ll definitely want to win!

What are you most looking forward to about O week?

Seeing all the new shiny new faces but for O-Week itself, the final night, for sure!

Some of the events are still under wraps, can you give us a hint? Just a small one?

A bit of battle here and there, a bit of merriment..! But just remember… Winter is coming…

Why should new students sign up for O week? Can’t they just do the University O week events?

You can absolutely do the Uni events! You’ll be particularly keen if you enjoy being hungover in class! But seriously, O-Week is all about meeting new people in new environments. The people you meet in O-Week are the people you’re going to spend the next 6 years of your life with and will be your colleagues and some of your best friends for the rest of your life. O-Week is definitely the best way to get out and meet everyone – even if you don’t remember names straight away, everyone’s in the same boat there, you might as well all get in on that at the same time!

O-Week for 2014 was invaluable to me, knowing people in your House (in my case it was my District) is a super easy way to make tutorials and labs the much less awkward for those first few weeks. Throw yourself in and get fully involved, it’s best way to start the best time of your life.


Where do we get tickets?

You can purchase tickets via the OUMSA online store.   They can be purchased as a seperate order, or can be included with other items such as subs and subscriptions.

What things does the 2nd year rep do throughout the year?

Attend meetings, have input into issues that affect us directly as Med students, help out with events, attend conferences and get to met a whole bunch of new people in the process.

Was it time consuming? 

Only as consuming as I wanted it to be! The only things you HAVE to do is what falls under your job description – attend meetings and organise O-Week. Anything beyond that is entirely up to you.

Did you find the role rewarding?
For sure! I may have perceived this entirely wrong – but I felt like I was helping the exec team a bit which was great. Just doing things like delivering notices between third and second year – it was small for me, but made the third years’ jobs a bit easier, I think!
What were the biggest challenges of the role?

Biggest challenge came early on – being thrown into a world that I knew nothing about. Trying to form an opinion on things like the 7EFTS policy and Trainee Intern Prescribing – I didn’t even know what a TI was! You learn quickly though and there’s always a lot of support.

What skills do you think are essential for the 2nd year rep position?

Not being scared to have a say and voice your opinion – you are the voice of your class, after all.  Also not being afraid to make a bit of a dick of yourself – that would help a bit haha

What keeps you entertained outside of uni and exec work?

Movies, books, coffee, people. I want to travel eeeeeeverywhere; see the whole world.

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