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Meet David – Sponsorship Officer 2015

davidDavid Burton is our Sponsorship Officer for 2015.   He has been dealing with suppliers and local businesses and organising us some amazing and exclusive deals for OUMSA members!   We hit him up with some questions about what he does and how he is the king of negotiating great deals for OUMSA members.   You can find the current OUMSA Med Deals here.   There are more in the pipeline – one of which is amaaaaaazing but its still under wraps!

Lots of exciting things have been happening on the sponsorship front for 2015, can you tell us more about this?

There are a lot of neat new developments – our stethoscope deal is better than ever, University Book Store has given us the best textbook deal in the country, and the variety of discount deals for OUMSA members is continuing to grow. We’re also doing the med clothing a little differently this year, with a summer and winter catalog being released. The new designs are looking good and thanks to running a slight profit last year, we should be able to sell the clothes even cheaper this year.


What else is there coming up later in 2015?

I’m aiming to have a winter catalog of med clothing released by the end of semester 1. I also want to keep involving more Dunedin retailers in our OUMSA discount scheme.


Is it challenging to source discounts?

It is in so much as most retailers aren’t too quick at replying to emails, but I’m finding that if I can get the number of a manager then most people are pretty receptive to a deal partnership with med students, I think we’re seen as future big spenders haha.


Do you have any sneaky tactics for finding the best deals?

My main draw card is to lean on the future spending potential of doctors as being higher than the average consumer, and therefore retailers earning our favor now with a good deal are effectively advertising to a great target market.


What would be your dream sponsorship deal to get for Med students?

I definitely want at least one good coffee deal – I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a coffee discount became the most used OUMSA deal.


What kinds of skills do you think are needed for the sponsorship officer role?

I suppose people skills would be the main thing, and you just need to be willing to commit a bit of time and not be shy about asking for a deal.


What keeps you busy when you aren’t at Uni or working for the exec?

Well mostly hanging with friends and getting into the outdoors for a kayak or a tramp or a dive.


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