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Executive 2018

Communications Wrap-Up

Well, September 17th has come and gone and with it, the executive team has handed over to the 2015 exec. With it the projects of the year are handed over – such as Knitting for NICU, the common room project, and the website.

When the communications team was established in February we inherited a few things from previous executive teams, such as the website which hadn’t been updated in a year. Throughout the year we spent countless hours brainstorming, meeting with IT managers and designing to produce a new and fully functional website. This was a massive undertaking including a move to an external server from the university, giving us more freedom over what we can and cannot do online.


This year through the website we have produced the framework of an online shop and an online ticketing system which we trialled for Med Ball, Med Revue and the annual OUMSA clothing sales. This has been a resounding success, with almost 350 products over 246 orders being processed coming to a total of over $18,000NZD being checked and confirmed.

We also introduced a members only area, with password-protected areas allowing the dissemination of private information to our members. This has been effective with 18,500 page views throughout the year to date. It hasn’t only been NZ contributing to the website views – US and Australia have contributed a fair share as well.


Thanks to Dan Leonard, the 2014 second year IT rep, we were also able to introduce video podcasting of lectures. This meant that you didn’t have to come to lectures when it was raining could catch up on that one lecture you missed throughout the year due to extraordinary circumstances.

With all of these things in place, we are satisfied with our work this year and are feeling comfortable to hand it over. This is just the foundation of future projects, and with the exec of 2015 we feel that OUMSA is in more than capable hands to continue expanding and making life that little bit easier for our members.

We hope you enjoyed the year as much as we did.

-Alex Winsloe (Leader), Max Blackwell (ELM 3 Rep), Shaun Collings (Website & IT), Daniel Leonard (ELM 2 Rep) and Michelle Bai (Design & Graphics), Communications Team of 2014.

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