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AMC Report – Student Submission

Here you can access a copy of the student submission to the Australian Medical Council (AMC) for April 2014.

“The AMC is responsible for the accreditation of Australian and New Zealand primary medical education providers and their programs of study. The purpose of Update accreditation is the recognition of medical programs that produce graduates competent to practise safely and effectively under Why supervision as interns in Deals Australia and New Zealand, with an appropriate foundation for lifelong learning and for further Flatrate training in any branch of medicine.”

The AMC have invited the student exec, wholesale mlb jerseys OUMSA, to submit a report on behalf of medical students which will be considered by the Medical School Accreditation Committee at cheap nfl jerseys its 16 June 2014 meeting. This will then influence any recommendations they give to the Otago Faculty laudantium of Medicine.

This student submission was compiled through student feedback and collaboration between OUMSA, the Wellington Medical Students’ Association (WMSA), and the Christchurch Medical signed Students’ Association (CMSA).

It is entirely student written and aims wholesale nfl jerseys to be as representative of medical students as possible. It aims to represent the majority of students’ views about the following:

  • The AMC Standards of accreditation, and whether or not the Otago Medical School is reaching these.
  • The Faculty Report to AMC about changes and improvements being made.
  • The strengths of Otago Medical School, and cheap jerseys areas for improvement.

If you want ask questions, clarification, or make a comment about any parts Conference of this document please submit them to education@oumsa.org and we will do our best to address these.

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